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The Secret Of The Cosmos - The Mystery Of Life Revealed - How To Read And Predict It - What To Do About It - My Best Advice Is To Take My Best Advice - Read And Heed Every Word Of The Material

Adept At Everything On Count Gramalkin.com Will Mend Ones Mundane Life (Love Money Health eTc) And One Will Be At Will At One With God Co-Creators With God A Fully Realized Master The True Guru A Living Godhead

 Ones Attention PATTERN Manipulates The Mystic Law Creating Ones Experience Attentions On God Or Not - Moment To Moment Each And Every Moment One Is Meditating Or Not Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om Aum into eternity

                        Marilyn Monroe Horoscope

One may observe from the Count Gramalkin Marilyn Monroe example horoscope that the real deal is a radically advanced level of accuracy, quality and completion vastly superior to the typical skeleton rendition horoscopes and readings commonly available elsewhere.

Here is the technical language for this example of what a real horoscope chart correctly reckoned in Zodiacal Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrology actually looks like - advanced completion production - it is the Natal Birth Chart Horoscope of Marilyn Monroe.

Zodiacal Celestial Longitude Western Sidereal Fixed Zodiac Astrology Natal Horoscope Birth Chart. Done Geographic, Campanus Table of Houses, The 9 Octoscope and East Point Angles, Solfire Ephemeride, with the Arabic Lunar Mansions, Major Fixed Star aspects and Constellation Breaks.

Horoscopes must be hand drawn as there are zero known computer programs that will do a horoscope correctly.

                           Birth Data Compilation

The importance and modus operandi of reckoning accurate birth data which is Full BIRTH Name Ladies Use Maiden Name - Date - First Breath Time - Place Longitude  Latitude - Race - Gender - Species.

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About Available Publications - Announcing the Premium Edition of - The Mystery Revealed - also The Changes In Green Club - and The Reverend Count Gramalkin eBooks Library improved basic spiritual evolution astrology horoscopes and tarot techniques give-away The Mystery of Life - How To Read And Predict It - What To Do About It 

With the essence of the entirety of the Cyril Fagan - John Mazurek - Count Gramalkin San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Cash On The Line Researched Intrinsic Values Of The Planets Technique of Delineation.

Learn foretelling the future tell ones own fortune new edition eBooks given away with zero spyware spam virus - click on the Book Information and Stars equals Cards tabs. The cumulative research of millions of people from many civilizations over the last 10,000 years.

             Angels - How to Communicate With Them

The Angels are most interesting beings only too real they do exist and are certainly worth the investigation of the disciple. The author has had many very real major experiences in dealing with the angelic experience.

They have definitely saved my life on a good many occasions. More than enough Angelic contact to realize how real and cosmic they are.

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                            The Daimoku Mantra

A Mantra is a thought form word level pure spiritual affirmation.

The Daishonin Mantra - Daimoku - creates enlightenment by fulfilling desire.

Desire creates the greatest karmic debt. When one begins making that list of things that create enlightenment by fulfilling desire the wise disciple realizes very quickly its a mighty short list.

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                    Self Realization Modus Operandi

Spiritual Evolution Self Realization Truth Seeker Disciple - The Truth Is That Which Changes Not for example the Law of Cause and Effect

Learn the nuts and bolts the techniques and modus operandi beyond be a nice guy with a good attitude of The Master Game - One who has mastered at will at one with God Co-Creators with God a Fully Realized Master The living Incarnate Godhead The True Guru Click Here

                       Schamersanski Homeopathic

The Schmersanski Technique of Homeopathic Tissue Cell Salt Application Of Dr W.H. Schuessler's Inorganic Biochemic Theory In The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation.

Cell Salts rebuild each individual cell from the inside out by replacing its deficiency rather than just floating something around in the bloodstream trying to make your liver well. To find out how Click Here

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Learn To Do Your Own Readings - The Cross-Reference Between Astrology and the Tarot Cards also Many Other Cross-References

The Essence of the Entirety of the Cyril Fagan Reverend Professor John Mazurek Reverend Count Gramalkin San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Intrinsic Values of the Planets Technique of Delineation

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The result of Fagan's chosen lineage line the information on CountGramalkin.com is the synthesis resolution of the cumulative world history of astrological research by millions of people from many civilizations over the last 10,000 years with the truth and falsehood sorted out of it in an absolute proof cash on the line ground of being

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"Sidereal Horoscopes"

Count Gramalkin
Western Sidereal Astrology Zodiacal Fixed Zodiac Astrologer
Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrology Natal Birth Chart Horoscopes
Spiritual Evolution Self Realization Truth Seeker Disciple - The Truth Changes Not
San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Planetary Intrinsic Values Delineation Technique
"The single most important variable in spiritual evolution is DARSHAN
Being in the physical presence of the living incarnate Godhead" Count Gramalkin
Attention PATTERN Manipulates Mystic Law Creating Experience Attentions on God or Not
Moment To Moment Each and Every Moment You Are Mediating or Not and That's It.
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Whenever one encounters anyone infected with "Churchianity Syndrome Psychosis" (The Mythology I Have Been Sold Is The Only Possible Answer) one is dealing with a lost soul. If one depends on organization, document or doctrines worship to supply ones Spiritual Evolution one is in trouble. Once one transcends worship of organization or doctrine documents dependency psychosis and accepts the responsibility of "Spiritual Evolution Self-Realization Truth Seeker Disciple" it is a whole new cosmos out there. Refrain being bullied about the mystery by the Churchianity lot. "Magi: A term, used in various forms since at least the 4th century BC, to denote the ability to read the stars and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold


The Sidereal Astrologers


"Self Realization - Modus Operandi"
"The Five Level of Consciousness"

After all the hemming and hawing is done, the dust settled, for all practical purposes there are five levels of being this side of vibration. There are really only three dimensions of being: Spirit, Soul, Physical that act like five due to achieving the experience awake At WILL through WILL POWER rather than while asleep

Many will try to tell you that the Soul breaks into perzactly eleventeen dimensions or some such.
Spirit: "Cosmic Consciousness"; Causal; Sun; Like sleep without dreams while awake; At will at one with God, co-creators with God.
Soul: The Astral; Bliss; Moon; the mind, personality, emotions, Like awake dreaming; Self-Remembrance.
Identification: The waking sleep; One thinks they are their body; The average person.
Soul: The Astral; Moon; Sleep with dreams.
Spirit: The Causal; Sun; Sleeping deeply without dreams.


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"Self Inquiry"


When it starts with "I" you know your safe, this time for sure, pal.

The highest path that of Self-Inquiry or Who Am I as taught by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi known as The Heart of India is the process of tracing the "I" thought to its source.

This Practice known as The Way of Sages as those who make it use this practice is credentialed by every living Godhead of my acquaintance also many dead ones for example Paramahansa Yogananda.

At seventeen years old having had virtually no mystical education in his incarnation Bhagavan felt nauseous he laid down and shaszam was liberated.

Bhagavan passed away some time ago Bhagavan's disciples have written many books about the Who Am I technique. Any competent Mystical Bookstore will have several. Read a couple.

Due to the Mystic Laws of (Cause and Effect ET cetera) Attention Pattern manipulates the Mystic Law creating our experience. One is seeking Self-Realization. Therefore by sending out the direct inquiry "Who Am I?" with ones attention pattern Self-Realization, (Who I Am) is what comes back. As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap.

We are in our Self in the space between the thoughts (or more likely rattling about in our roof brain noise or the basics, stomach, groin and anything shinny) when suddenly that bolt from the blue the "I Thought" and our hand actually manages to move far enough to take a drink ET cetera.

The case is akin to the house cat is sitting there licking itself when suddenly like a bolt of lightning it leaps up charges ten feet then sits back down and continues licking itself.

Where did this "I" thought come from? Who is it that thinks THIRST? Who is it that thinks "I" need to love, pray, chant, eat, drink, run, panic, save and spend? Moment to moment continue the practice of Self-Inquiry - Who Am I? - and tracing the "I" thought to its source.

Combining the Self-Inquiry Who Am I practice with the Daishonin Buddhist Gohonzon Mandala Gongyo and Daimoku practice is quite entertaining. The Daishonin Mantra creates enlightenment by fulfillment of desire. Desire creates the greatest karmic debt; one has to get them all. When one starts making that list of things that create enlightenment by fulfilling desire the wise disciple quickly learns it is a mighty short list.

Therefore by projecting Who Am I? to the Daishonin Gohonzon Mandala add Daimoku and accelerate the law of Cause and Effect manipulating the Mystic Law returning Who I Am. Try Daimoku @ 1.415.255.6007 / 1.310.260.8900 / 1.954.349.5000 or http://www.sgi.org for more information.

Who am I?....Who wants to know?

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"Self Observance"


All good disciples are supposed to continually do the "Self-Observance, Self-Remembrance, Self-Realization" technique.

Hypothetically: one is observing ones self, one is happy and remembers this. Five minutes later observing self, sad and remembers this. Realizes one is experiencing Manic-Depressive (happy\sad), or not sitting up straight breathing deeply or whatever. Self-observance, remembrance, realization.

The idea is to observe ones self and everything else in peace with out the constant drivel of opinion and narration or roof brain noise that often runs through ones head.

When one is depressed if one just sits there being depressed one is sending out negative vibrations which are coming back to one making one more depressed, harder to solve problems. Attention pattern manipulates mystic law creating experience attention is on God or not.

When one Reads Negative Garbage coming through the Attention Pattern regardless of type (guilt, fear, anger, whatever etc.) the main thing is not to dwell in it, or as we say in the business "lower self essence dominated reacting to stimulus with ones programming".

As soon as one perceives negative Attention Pattern immediately switch Attention to a Pure Spiritual Affirmation, Meditation, Prayer, Mantra, Incantation, Mandala etc.

This Centers one. Gives back control of Attention Pattern. One is directing Attention rather than reacting to Stimuli. One is sending out the highest vibrations instead of the lowest which immediately start back at one, making one feel better, easier to solve problems and remember to keep doing the Meditation.

Concentration is directing Attention Pattern to a mundane affirmation such as table, chair, dinner. Meditation is directing ones Attention to a Pure Spiritual Affirmation like "Om, Om, Om, Om". There is a difference called force.

Twenty consecutive thoughts about the same thing will get one off. "Om" or "Aum" pronounced Om is not only a complete thought and a Pure Spiritual Affirmation it is the Source Vibration of the Physical Dimension.

All that we know in the physical world comes from the Om Spirit vibration. Every muscle for any sound one can make, every tone one can make, everything that can be said is all done every time one sings OM. Om is a complete thought. "Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om" and Bong!>!>!> you're high.


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Many people spend their entire incarnation wandering about lost in their EFFECT problems never realizing what their CAUSE problem is or how to solve it. What is cause?... ATTENTION PATTERN IS CAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS AN EFFECT. Regardless of the case the solution is the same treat cause effect is automatic. That's right each moment the pattern ones attention goes in manipulates the Mystic Law (e.g. Cause/Effect, Polarity eTc) creating ones experience attention is on God or not reprogram attention to perpetual meditation and manifest miracles in your life.

Everyone has their own attention pattern, similar to multitudes yet unique. Ones Attention PATTERN is astrologically symbolized by the Sidereal Natal Birth Chart Horoscope. Attention patterns from such as glad sad mad snivel gripe dump, Wheee-ughhh-agrrr-aahhh-why me-it's not my fault the situation or someone else is causing my experience or how I feel, you make me mad you are causing how I feel to how Yogananda saw life "each new joy, each new joy" or whatever PATTERN ones attention goes in causes experience creates environment eTc. The psychological conditions one is sending out therefore dealing with become the events in our lives.

Attention has two basic choices it is on God or not. Moment to moment one is meditating or not and that's it, the secret of the cosmos walk to India and back twice. "The single most important variable in spiritual evolution is DARSHAN - being in the physical presence of the living incarnate Godhead" Count Gramalkin

About achieving fulfillment: Attention Pattern is the root cause of everything - love, life, money, career, and health-body relationships eTc are effects. Sidereal astrology can help you understand the Attention Pattern that is creating your life condition, as well as the intricacies of your psychological makeup and compatibility with others. Attention Pattern is the source of your interpersonal relationships with people, places, corporations, best career and location prospects - in short, your destiny.

Zodiacal Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrology is a wonderful tool for reading psychological makeup and identifying the cycles of your life and the timing of crucial events, such as weddings, business matters, health care and travel. When properly applied, Sidereal Astrology will improve your life condition, love life, relationships, money and health. Sidereal Astrology can help advance your spiritual evolution enlightenment and increase your awareness.

The best advice I have for you is to take my best advice. Read and heed every word of the material on www.siderealastrology.net. This will provide one a realistic rendition of the secret of the cosmos / the mystery of life / enlightenment, how to read / predict it and what to do about it. Adept at everything on www.solunars.info one would be at will at one with God co-creators with God.

One should; moment to moment with proper motive and purpose and purity of heart, through the consciousness of the Master direct ones attention to a pure spiritual affirmation. When one realizes one is not meditating one simply begins again and continues as long as possible.

There are many ways to have ones attention on God. An example: through the "Christ Consciousness", Master may I please ask you for your grace thank you amen Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Aum into eternity and remember Angels flight cause they take it lite.

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"Weight Control"


The proper control of ones weight is obviously quite important for so many reasons. Being overweight creates heart and respiratory problems that kill multitudes as well as with circulation; sufficient blood in the brain among other things and even impairs ones ability to move about or buy clothing much less with ones appearance et cetera. As we are fond of saying about the shop "one owes it to the people who have to look at you to look your best".

The skeleton of ones body is only designed to deal with so much stress. Therefore when one consistently overloads ones skeletal stress variable it creates malfunctions and parts breakage. One finds out just how much fun getting back surgery, replacement hips and knees really is. Ones teeth being all there in good condition is crucial to digestion therefore weight control.

The problems go on and on like trying to find furniture that fits both at home and out in public such as seat in a bus, auto or theater. Getting through doorways, hallways, aisles, turnstiles and crowds etc.

The concept is about the "Modus Operandi of Weight Control" rather than just a diet. What one eats and when one eats it are more relevant than the quantity.

As always "Preventative Maintenance" is the easy way out rather than trying to repair the damage after the fact.



One of the most important facets of Spiritual Evolution and general good health and healing is fasting.

Why do we sleep one third of our life away? To rest our body and at least partially empty our subconscious garbage through dreams. Paramahansa Yogananda said dreams are usually just indicative of "where we are keeping our head".

Yet usually our internal organs never get any rest as they are constantly processing something. They eventually just get exhausted and we die. Fasting lets the internal organs get a chance to actually rest and pass time without having to process and toil gurgle and boil.

Fasting may be quite dangerous even crippling and life threatening done improperly. The best policy is to fast one day a week and three days once a year as a minimum. "Count Gramalkin Copyright and TradeMark ™© 1970 v4-27.12"

Work up to a long fast. First do a fruit fast then a juice fast (with one kind of fruit and juice at a time) then a complete fast. Fast one day then eat. Fast two days then eat. Fast three days then eat etc.

DO NOT just take off on a long fast. The body may and will go into shock and create a health crises, go through too heavy of a toxin dump and poison one, among many other problem scenarios.

A three day fast is pretty much safe for the average person at any time.

When fasting, especially longer fasts best results are obtained by maintaining a calm quiet low physical activity low stimulus scenario.

The correct way to perform a one day fast is; the day before have an evening meal of lightly steamed fresh vegetables and short grain brown rice. Eat nothing after the evening meal.

Eat nothing the next day, drink only water (for thirst not hunger).

The next day start the day (break the fast) with one kind of fresh fruit for at least two hours. This is a one-day fast.

Even after the two hours of only fruit eat lightly, no heavy food. The body is like a sponge, when it is wrung out what is soaked back up is most important.

One may do more body damage by breaking the fast incorrectly than the benefit gained by the fast.

Believe it or not there is a big difference in fasting and starving, it's all in the head.

There have been cases of people that did not eat or drink at all. One such case is documented in Yogananda's book "Autobiography of a Yoga". A fabulous book, read it, guarantee it will help you and it is all true.

The effects of fasting are extraordinary. Even short fasts will get one high, produce a huge gain in awareness, consciousness, and energy level.

When we eat much blood rushes to the abdomen essentially draining blood and oxygen from the head inducing unconsciousness.


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Things that we eat and drink mostly are either Acid or Alkaline PRODUCING in the body. Almost everything available in Western Civilization is Acid producing (if not also Acid Mucus producing), and almost everyone is WAY OVER ACID.

This results in all manner of "Dis-Ease" psychological and physical from pot marked skin to violent psychological makeup. It is imperative to have the correct Acid / Alkaline balance.

The easy way is to list the alkaline producing the list is so short cauliflower, baked potato, (broccoli?), raw milk, citrus fruit among others.

The best policy is a diet of one fourth grain to three fourths fruits; nuts; vegetables.

Vegetarians MUST eat grown above the ground in trees type nuts (almonds, walnuts etc.) to maintain body balance with the cosmos.

Faze meat out of the diet in stages to avoid a potential health crises. First stop eating four-legged meat. Then stop eating two-legged meat. Then stop eating no legged meat. Finally stop eating dairy and eggs.

There are three types of bodies muscle dominated, nerve dominated and gut dominated and three vibratory rate grades of food.

The highest vibratory rate is fruits, nuts, vegetables, sprouts, and herb tea.

The medium vibratory foods are basically the grains.

The low vibratory foods include the meats, alcohol ET cetera. Garbage is defined by being deadly poisonous, and is shown on the scale as the next step down from meat.

There is supposed to be a lot of EMPTY SPACE inside ones body. The denser, mucus producing, lower vibratory foods plug up the empty spaces in the body with Acid Mucus increasing density decreasing vibratory rate therefore awareness also flexibility and mobility.

"Steep herbal teas at least twenty minutes".


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"The "Solar Diet"

Based on keeping ones body in balance with the cosmos. Has to do with the angle that the Suns rays strike the food during growth in relationship with ones daily life cycle. There are three basic types of consumables. Morning Food which grows above the ground in trees (E.G. apple, orange, nuts such as almonds and pecans), Afternoon Food which grows on the ground (tomato, corn), Night Food which grows under the ground (potato, radish, peanut).

There are six Anytime Foods unfermented herb tea, brewers yeast, bean sprouts, molasses, honey, and short grain brown rice, that may be eaten at anytime without disrupting body balance with the cosmos, and some exceptions like banana (a night food).

Practicing the Solar Sattvic Diet will result in keeping the body in balance with the cosmos; a physical Decarbonization and increase in vibratory rate an "Ease"; to the point ones body may handle the flow of Cosmic Consciousness.

Always start the day with fruit, sweet one day citrus the next. Eat citrus by its self.

The Solar Diet is preformed to ones own life cycle. If one gets up at six pm. it is morning to you eat morning food, in the morning of your day, say the first six hours. Should one miss total adherence to the Solar Savatic Diet at least introduce food in order at a meal. First the juice then the toast, then the hash browns. Lightly steamed is best cooking policy.

"The Liquid Diet"

One of the best weight control techniques is the liquid diet.

A woman of my acquaintance lost hundreds of pounds over a period of several months on a liquid diet formulated by her doctor. The food, regular examinations and schedule were provided by the Doctor with an "adept to the new you" course. The food was soups with tiny particles of whatever in it and shakes et cetera manufactured especially for the doctor. Here is their last contact data known to me.

The Weight Management Program
1255 Post Street
San Francisco, California 94109-6703
1 415 771 1821 / 3528 = Fax#



"Smoothie Meals"

By using a blender to liquefy food one may make a smoothie out of almost anything from lasagna to salad even with meat. Progress through the blender speeds from slow to fast or to the liquefy setting.

Simply add some herbal tea or water to whatever and liquefy. Hot or boiling liquid may be used to help keep hot food hot.

The results are amazing. The food is so filling and easy assimilate or digest. It goes through the body in a flash, leaves little waste and really helps control ones weight and make one feel better.


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"Diet Herbal Tea"

Diet Herbal Tea is one of the best aids in weight control and general good health.

One of the better brands of diet tea is "Nutra-Slim" Tea by Health Venture Inc. \ Oakland, California 1 510 635 8866.

All of the diet teas seem to work (some better than others) and they all have the same horrible tasting herb in them. Drink them straight, zero sweetener or milk ET cetera.

Diet Herbal Tea is marvelous at cleaning out the intestines and dissolving fat. One should refrain from getting too obsessed with diet tea or anything else for that matter.

Use a bag of Diet Herbal Tea in a quart of boiled water and let it steep for an hour. One in the morning and one at night are often a good modus operandi, or just one in the morning or at night. It is a good idea to stay close to a bathroom at least at first.


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"Hatha Yoga"

Properly done Hatha Yoga does wonders for balancing these elements of body and food types. Master Vishnu Divananda disciple of Sivanananda and Swami Bua taught sets of postures.

Master level Hatha Yoga is probably the most helpful spiritual evolution experience the author ever had. Hatha is the physical yoga postures, stand on the head ET cetera.

Major break through in physical adeptness, awareness and energy flow. After doing Hatha correctly for a while the body seems to effortlessly float along, feet hardly touching the ground.

Do Hatha correctly today tomorrow you are high. That's all day from the moment eyes open until gone to bed at night no matter how long a day one has.

The Chiropractor was also one of the most helpful experiences the author ever had. Getting an adjustment from a good Chiropractor advanced my Hatha five or ten years in one adjustment. How far one could bend over to touch ones toes for example improved.

Most people have bones that are out of alignment. In fact when the bones get in alignment it feels weird at first one is so used to having then out of alignment.

To the best of my knowledge there is no place for the average person to learn Master level Hatha Yoga at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Swami Bua and Swami Vishnudevananda, decuple of Sivananda and Swami Bua were the only Guru/fully realized Masters that the author ever heard of that taught Hatha Yoga to the open public and they are dead. Vishnudevananda`s "Sivanamda Center" Ashrams are still about. Run a search on him or them and perhaps get a lead on where to go.

The other Gurus generally personally only teach Hatha to their disciples that are going to be Hatha instructors.

The author had spent years trying to learn Hatha from books et cetera. Then the knowledge came through that the only way to learn Hatha Yoga correctly is from the Guru personally.

Seek and ye shall find. So seeking the Hatha Guru began. Ooobop shazam practically instantly Swami Vishnu Devananda appeared. He taught me to do Hatha correctly in two, two-hour classes.

Interestingly when in Swamigi's presence one could do anything he asks you to. Suddenly you were a genius.

Both Vishnu Devananda and Satchadananda published excellent books on Hatha Yoga. These are listed in the suggested reading list.

However in their books also all other Hatha Yoga books I have seen teach the one posture rest one posture rest technique. Even in the classes at their Ashrams that are taught by the disciples taught the one posture rest technique. Good luck finding enough time to complete all the postures with this modus operandi.

The one posture rest technique is used because the books must be usable by any one of any age or physical condition who picks them up.

What Vishnu Devananda taught in person was the sets of postures then rest technique. One would do a set of several scientifically figured out compatible postures then rest in the Corpse position three minutes between sets. He of course knew what the disciple could do without harming ones self.

In the back of Satchadananda's book is a list of postures one must do every day.

All of the postures are done for sixty seconds each except the Headstand and Shoulder Stand for seven minutes and the Plough for half the time of the Shoulder Stand or three and a half minutes.

One works up to the full time for each posture.

The sets Vishnu Devananda showed me are coming soon:

The Half and Full Lotus postures are on the list. So sit in one or the other (the Full Lotus if one can) and do one hundred Cleansing Breaths and one hundred Prana Yama Breaths.

Then do the Sun exercise twelve times. Then rest three minutes et cetera.

Good luck love thank you amen Om.

Count Gramalkin

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