Disciple Satsang - The Secret Of The Cosmos - The Mystery Of Life Revealed - What To Do About It - My Best Advice Is To Take My Best Advice - Read And Heed Every Word Of The Material Adept At Everything On Count Will Mend Ones Mundane Life (Love Money Health eTc) And One Will Be At Will At One With God Co-Creators With God A Fully Realized Master The True Guru A Living Godhead - Ones Attention PATTERN Manipulates The Mystic Law Creating Ones Experience Attentions On God Or Not - Moment To Moment Each And Every Moment One Is Meditating Or Not Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om, Om Om Om Om

Marilyn Monroe Example Horoscope - Here is the technical language for this example of what a real horoscope chart correctly reckoned in Zodiacal Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrology actually looks like - advanced completion production - it is the Natal Horoscope of Marilyn Monroe. Zodiacal Celestial Longitude Western Sidereal Fixed Zodiac Astrology Natal Horoscope Birth Chart. Done Geographic, Campanus Table of Houses, The 9 Octoscope and East Point Angles, Solfire Ephemeride, with the Arabic Lunar Mansions, Major Fixed Star aspects and Constellation Breaks - Horoscopes must be hand drawn as there are zero known computer programs that will do a horoscope correctly. The full sized horoscope PDF is at the bottom of the page.

Birth Data Compilation - The importance and modus operandi of reckoning accurate birth data which is Full BIRTH Name Ladies Use Maiden Name - Date - First Breath Time - Place Longitude  Latitude - Race - Gender - Species

Available Services / Order Forms / Contact Information

Count Gramalkin's Book Information - About Available Publications - Announcing the Premium Edition of - The Mystery Revealed - also The Changes In Green Club - and The Reverend Count Gramalkin Free eBooks Library improved basic spiritual evolution astrology horoscopes and tarot techniques give-away The Mystery of Life - How To Read And Predict It - What To Do About It - With the essence of the entirety of the Cyril Fagan - John Mazurek - Count Gramalkin San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Cash On The Line Researched Intrinsic Values Of The Planets Technique of Delineation. Learn foretelling the future tell ones own fortune new edition eBooks given away with zero spyware spam virus - click on the Book Information and Stars equals Cards tabs. The cumulative research of millions of people from many civilizations over the last 10,000 years.

Angels - How to Communicate With Them - The Angels are most interesting beings only too real they do exist and are certainly worth the investigation of the disciple. The author has had many very real major experiences in dealing with the angelic experience. They have definitely saved my life on a good many occasions. More than enough Angelic contact to realize how real and cosmic they are. To learn the technique for dealing with the Angels Click Here.

The Daimoku Mantra - A Mantra is a thought form word level pure spiritual affirmation. The - Daishonin Mantra - Daimoku - creates enlightenment by fulfilling desire. Desire creates the greatest karmic debt. When one begins making that list of things that create enlightenment by fulfilling desire the wise disciple realizes very quickly its a mighty short list. Try more Daimoku less starch Click Here.

Self Realization Modus Operandi - Spiritual Evolution Self Realization Truth Seeker Disciple - The Truth Is That Which Changes Not for example the Law of Cause and Effect - Learn the nuts and bolts the techniques and modus operandi beyond be a nice guy with a good attitude of The Master Game - One who has mastered at will at one with God Co-Creators with God a Fully Realized Master The living Incarnate Godhead The True Guru Click Here

Schamersanski Homeopathic - The Schmersanski Technique of Homeopathic Tissue Cell Salt Application Of Dr W.H. Schuessler's Inorganic Biochemic Theory In The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation. Cell Salts rebuild each individual cell from the inside out by replacing its deficiency rather than just floating something around in the bloodstream trying to make your liver well. To find out how Click Here

Stars = Cards Layouts & Planets - Learn To Do Your Own Readings - The Cross-Reference Between Astrology and the Tarot Cards also Many Other Cross-References - The Essence of the Entirety of the Cyril Fagan Reverend Professor John Mazurek Reverend Count Gramalkin San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Intrinsic Values of the Planets Technique of Delineation - Horoscope Wheel - Intrinsic Values of the Planets - Astrology & Tarot Delineation Technique - Astrological & Tarot Truths / Fallacies Revealed - The Count Gramalkin Stars = Cards & Tarot Layouts Charts Click Here


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Western Sidereal Astrology Zodiacal Fixed Zodiac Astrologer - Tarot Reading
Spiritual Evolution Self Realization Truth Seeker Disciple - The Truth Changes Not
San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Intrinsic Values of the Planets Technique of Delineation
Yes the rumors are true back in school daze The Count was MUCH more interested
in beautiful girls, playing Rock and Roll music and Hot Rod Cars
than English grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.
However the Count content is a card carrying American Nineteen Heavy.
1.877.322.7238 Toll Free Order Number ContactUs@CountGramalkin.Com
"Attention Pattern Manipulates Mystic Law Causing Experience Attentions on God or Not
Reprogram Attention to Perpetual Meditation and Manifest Miracles in Your Life." Count Gramalkin
Magi: A term, used in various forms since at least the 4th century BC, to denote the
ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold. - "Sidereal Astrologers"

"Online Order Form Information Submission Page"

There are several basic options available.
Ones personal year goes from ones birthday to birthday.
The best case scenario is to include a copy of the birth certificate.
Birth Data is the Full Birth Name, Date, Time (first breath), Place, Race, Gender, Species.
A General Reading covers all the major areas of life.
Love, Romance, Money, Health, Business, Travel, Timing of Events ETC
Advice Readings
The motive and purpose of Count is to reach beyond
simply telling ones fortune - To mend ones entire being -
Spirit soul physical and mundane life condition.
To reveal the mystery of life - The secret of the cosmos -
How to read and predict it - What to do about it - as well as how it all
applies to accurately delineate ones personal case.

Best policy is to read these notes as it is the destiny of people's lives,
relationships, future, spiritual evolution and karma we are dealing with rather
than getting some garment or such. It is quite important to get it all sorted out
well and for the case at hand to be correctly understood and how best to address it.

This website provides a variety of Zodiacal Western Sidereal Fixed Zodiac
Astrological Services - Readings, Mentoring, Lectures, Publication and Tarot -
Free Spiritual Evolution, Astrology and Tarot Techniques eBooks Library give away.

The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology
Intrinsic Values of the Planets Technique of Delineation
is a very advanced level production horoscope and reading.

The essence synthesis resolution of the cumulative world history
of astrological research by millions of people from many civilizations
over the last 10,000 years with the truth and falsehood sorted out of it
in an absolute proof cash on the line ground of being.
1 877 322 7238 Toll Free Order Number

PayPal Donations To PayPal@Gramalkin.Com

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Check your email, as you will receive whatever memorandums are necessary.
Please enter the full BIRTH NAME in the birth data field exactly as it appears
on the document (such as birth certificate, Baby Book eTc.)
or the name of the event to be charted. Women enter maiden birth name.
All of the "Readings" include a cassette tape or a CD in a common play
on any CD player format recorded reading in English and the
physical Horoscopes mailed to you. Recordings are NOT guaranteed as some
playback equipment fails to respond to the common format.

Readings may be done live by telephone when convenient.
You may also receive copies of the horoscopes by email or fax.
Fax may or may not transmit color. Conversions to other languages
or typewritten readings at this time are bid by special order.
Astrology, Tarot, any of these techniques one is dealing with a set of SYMBOLOGY for the
PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS one is dealing with. These conditions show how we
relate to things and therefore how things happen to or for us,
"Mystic Laws" of "Cause and Effect" et cetera.
As above so below, as on the inner so on the outer. The psychological conditions we are
sending out therefore dealing with become the events of our life.
Attention pattern manipulates Mystic Law creating experience.
The better understanding of the psychological conditions one is dealing with one
has the more apt one is to have a positive outcome or "Higher Self Manifestation".
Forewarned is forearmed.
Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrology is a wonderful tool for identifying the cycles
of your life and the timing of crucial events, such as weddings, business matters,
health care and travel. When properly applied, Sidereal Astrology will improve
your love life, relationships, money and health.

Sidereal Astrology can help advance your life condition,
spiritual evolution / enlightenment and increase your awareness.
The "Natal Horoscope" is the birth chart and lasts the whole lifetime.
The chart that symbolizes ones psychological makeup,
the attention pattern that is creating your life condition
and the general course of ones life, ones potentials and destiny.
The annual "Secondary Progressed Planets and Primary Angles Horoscope"
symbolizes the evolution of the situation, some current events and long term cycles.
Most of daily life is symbolized on the Cyclic Horoscope Charts
of which the "Sidereal Solar Return" is the main predictive tool of the year.

Best policy one should scan and email, fax or postal mail some absolute proof of
the birth data such a copy of ones birth certificate or Baby Book or other
document that has the exact time and place of birth on it. Every mile of longitude
and latitude on the ground is approximately a minute and every four minutes
time is a degree on the rising sign or ascendant and angles of the horoscope. For
example a ten-minute error on the angles of your horoscope would create a TEN-
YEAR error in the timing of a progressed Pluto aspect to your horoscope. As Count
Gramalkin is a legal priest your data privacy is legally protected. After the
accuracy of ones birth data is verified all copies of ones birth certificate and such
documents are destroyed.
The Three Most Basic Types of Horoscope Reading Options
An Advanced Production Natal Birth Chart Horoscope Reading
A General Overall Reading for Any Given Year
Some Type of Interpersonal Relationship Reading
Tarot Readings are for any given case for any time period.
Typically the Past Present Future of a given case,
Three Yes or No Questions
or a General Overall Reading for a given time period eTc. eTc.
Donations may be sent via PayPal (electronic check or credit card),
or PayPal to PayPal@Gramalkin.Com or by postal mail.
PayPal may be used with your account or without a PayPal account as a guest.
One may telephone 1.877.322.7238 Toll Free Order Number
and arrange an order by phone.

A mail order printable version of the Order Form is available.

Print and fill out this form, mail to the address given.

One may also submit data online and postal mail donation.

Include indication of donation by mail in the
"Card/Account Name" field. Click on the "Printable Version" link below.

Printable version of order forms for above in Adobe Acrobat
Copyright Trademark pdf format.

Online Order Form - Please Enter Contact Information:

Full Name:
Street Address:
State / Country:
Postal Code:
Day Time
Phone Number:
Phone Number:
Phone Number:
Please indicate which number and time to contact you is most preferred: (REQUIRED)
Please Enter Email Address: (REQUIRED)
Please Enter Website (if you have one):

NOTE: Please Enter Mailing Address (if different from above address):

Enter Mailing Name:
Enter Mailing Street Address:
Enter Mailing City:
State / Country:
Postal Code :

Please Enter Natives Birth Data:

This information is the for the person the chart is being done for.

Please Enter Full Birth Name or Event: Women use maiden name.
Please Enter the DATE of Birth or Event -
Month, Day, Year:

Horoscopes are available for a span of thousands of years. To acquire Horoscopes for dates other than those listed in the predated years field enter the data in the "Query Field" at the end of this form.
Please Enter the TIME of Birth or Event (AM or PM):
Please Enter the PLACE (City, State, Country) of Birth or Event:
Please Enter the RACE of the Native:
Please Select the SEX of the Native:
Please Enter the NAME, ADDRESS
and CROSS-STREETS of the BIRTH Hospital:

Please Enter the Birth Data of Second Person if desired:

Please Enter Full Birth Name or Event: Women use maiden name.
Please Enter the DATE of Birth or Event:
Please Enter the TIME of Birth or Event (AM or PM):
Please Enter the PLACE (City, State, Country) of Birth or Event:
Please Enter the RACE of the Native:
Please Select the SEX of the Native:
Please Enter the NAME, ADDRESS and CROSS-STREETS of the BIRTH Hospital:

Please Select Services you wish to order:

Products / Services

  Please Check the boxes of Services you are requesting and enter any requested information.

Upon completion of all the information and selecting the "Submit Information" button you will be directed to the PAYPAL page to process your order and make a donation for your services.

The "Advanced Natal Horoscope" or Event:

The type of chart shown in the "Sample Horoscope" button features advanced accuracy and completion with a basic level "Reading". The basic reading level includes the major points, which is in fact a lot of information. This is the recommended format for the really motivated "Spiritual Evolution Self-Realization Truth Seeker Disciples" and or one who will be interested in a lot of accurate business and timing of event information in the future.


"Local Natal Angles"

Symbolize how living in any given location will affect one. This chart is an additional option available with any Natal Horoscope.





"Novien Chart"

The "Back Cover" of the Natal Chart. This chart is an additional option available with any Natal Horoscope.


"Advanced Natal Horoscope with General Reading"

An "Advanced Production Natal Horoscope" and a Basic General Reading for any year. Ones personal year goes from ones birthday to birthday. Includes an Advanced Natal. Secondary Progressed Planets and Primary Angles, and Solar Return Horoscopes interaspected.

Select Year you want the reading done for:

To acquire Horoscopes for dates other than those listed in the predated years field enter the data in the "Query Field" at the end of this form.


"Secondary Progressed Lunar Return"

The Seven Year Progressed Moon Cyclic Predictive Chart.

Option with any "Annual Reading".


"Annual General Reading"

A "Basic Level" General Reading for any year. Includes a Basic Natal, Secondary Progressed Planets and Primary Angles, and Solar Return Horoscopes interaspected.

Select Year you want the reading done for:

To acquire Horoscopes for dates other than those listed in the predated years field enter the data in the "Query Field" at the end of this form.


"Interpersonal Relationship Charts"

"Interpersonal Relationship" Charts explain the basic
psychological conditions and therefore the basic course
of events for any given relationship between people or
a person and a corporation or between corporations.
such as love, sex, money, health, success or failure, what
qualities are brought out in each other et cetera.
Corporation birth data is the name, time, date, and place
of original incorporation stamp. Includes the Natal
Horoscopes of the two entities interaspected.Send the
complete "Birth Data" of all parties.

"Advanced Natal Interpersonal Relationship Reading"


"Basic Interpersonal Relationship Reading"


Add a "Basic Interpersonal Relationship Reading"

Option to any " Yearly Reading"


"Birth Data Searches"
There is zero guarantee that a search will actually find
ones true birth data only that an effort will be made..
As explained in the "Birth Data" and "Birth Certificate"
information pages of this web site one may save
money and spend time and research your own birth data.

"Birth Data Search Information"
Please provide as much information as possible for the person you want the "Birth Data" search done for. Full birth name, date, time, place (town, county, state), race, sex, parent's names, name and address and cross-streets of the hospital the native was born in.

"Time of Birth Search"
The more data you can provide the better chance finding the correct time of ones Birth.


Information Box:

Please report the source of all given "Birth Data".

"Longitude and Latitude Coordinates Search"

"Intermediate Search"

A search for the birth place street address coordinates. Must include the birth (Event) address.


Information Box:

"Advanced Search"

Calculating the coordinates from the USGS Survey map. Must include Hospital etc. in data.


Information Box:

"Tarot Readings"

Tape Recorded.


This space is provided for you to enter your query or add additional information.

What do you want to know? Also list any requests for bids on special orders other than the basic packages listed above. List any additional data. E.G. a list of locations for local Natal Angles or whatever. Use as much space as you require.

Everything the tax, shipping and handling costs are included
in the Minimum Donation Price of each item. Zero additional funds required.

Please be certain to enter the Name exactly as it appears on either the Card
or Account from which the donation will be made:

(REQUIRED YES response) - ,
I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer.

When you have finished entering all the desired data on the above forms,
click on this Submit Information button and you will then be sent to the PAYPAL
Shopping Cart page to complete the processes of updating your
shopping cart and arranging for the donation for your order.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly
Good luck love thank you amen Om,

The Reverend Count Gramalkin

To Get a Reading Call 1.877.322.7238 Toll Free Order Number + Fax
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"Attention pattern manipulates mystic law causing experience attentions on God or not
Reprogram attention to perpetual meditation to create miracles in your life." Count Gramalkin

Count Gramalkin is trained qualified capable of administering all phases of Astrology & Tarot Love Romance Money Health Advice Health Evolution Relationships Psychological Makeup Timing of Events Selection Readings eTc. Read CountGramalkin.Com Text & It Will Help Ones Spiritual Evolution and Life Condition.

Count Gramalkin Zodiacal Western Sidereal Fixed Zodiac Astrologer - Western Sidereal Astrology Horoscopes & Illuminating Tarot Card Readings With Precision Astrological Chart Natal Progressed Lunar Solar Return Relationship Charts Electional Chart.

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Such as forty years at the horse races and sixty years of stock market
the last twenty years of stock market eight hours a day and multitudes
of personal case history analysis with a roll of horoscopes
in your hand which may be noted by viewing the example horoscope.

One may observe from the Count Gramalkin Marilyn Monroe example horoscope
that the real deal is a radically advanced level of accuracy, quality and completion
vastly superior to the also displayed typical skeleton missing most of the relevant
data rendition horoscopes and readings commonly available elsewhere.

One of those seeking to attain the best you DO GET what you paid for deals.

The Reverend Count Gramalkin is direct heir of the modern day father of astrology
Cyril Fagan of Dublin, Ireland and is senior out of Fagan's chosen heir
The Reverend Professor John Mazurek Director of
"The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology."

The Count Gramalkin had six to eight hours a week
eleven months a year of class at
The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology for eight years
plus thirty-three years of continuing collaboration with Mazurek.

Spoke with him the night he died. The last words he spoke in his life were
"Remember Gramalkin aspects are by sign and house you know".
He was speaking of Zodiacal Geographic Campanus Birthplace
Fagan Fixed Zodiac Sidereal Natal and Cyclic Horoscopes of course.
The Count is senior out of San Francisco School.

There is some natural curiosity about how Mazurek
his San Francisco School therefore Count Gramalkin
come to be heirs of the Cyril Fagan legacy linage.
When Cyril said it was so we took his word for it.

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About Astrology Students

The realization has come through that mercy on the students
is actually to report the simple facts.
It is akin to people who think that using a bridle rather than
a bit to train their horse is kind when the bit is really a mercy.
The bit gives the animal instant feedback and they quickly come to
understand rather than spending years tugging and pulling every which way.
In the past rather than stating the blunt facts the policy was it was preferable
to remain silent to refrain from appearing to be trying to be selling somebody
something. If they want the service fine, selling the service is hardly first choice.

So many of my clients have been other astrology and tarot readers professional,
avocation and hobbyist as well as those who just want their fortune told.
For those students who are finally through kibitzing about and decide to
actually learn to do big league professional astrology and therefore
all the cast lots such as tarot reading the first giant step turns out to be
to simply get a Count Gramalkin Advanced Production Mentor Version
Reading of your own Natal Birth Chart Horoscope. Just this one simple act
teaches you to read, teaches you the modus operandi of how to do a
professional reading and turns out to be the least expensive and most
expedient rapid acceleration of astrological evolution saving you
many times more the money and years of time.

One learns more astrology from a Count Gramalkin Mentor style reading
than one could ever hope to get in ten years on your own
and more than most ever get.

These are the plain facts of the matter and actually a mercy on the student
to tell them so therefore henceforth it will be done.

Private Advanced Mentoring to qualified properly prepared and equipped students
is from a minimum donation of $10,000 ($1,500 each additional person)
a forty-hour workweek total time out of my life plus expenses.

The week's course with talented students properly applied will produce
one of the best astrologers in world history.

The students are always amazed at the rapidity of acceleration in the improvement
of accuracy and completion and in their ability to actually comprehend and
delineate a horoscope and consistently give true readings also in the increase of
positive feedback from their customers.

The Count is famous for being a shrink shrinker having mentored
so many professional readers.

Short-term coaching sessions are also available from a minimum donation
of five dollars a minute in person or by Phone.

(11/10/15, 1:32 PM)
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